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Add messaging to your Cisco contact center and transform your customer experience

Cisco SolutionsPlus is a reselling program that places a select set of Cisco-compatible products on the Cisco price list, enabling customers to order these products directly from Cisco sales teams and channel partners. Octopus CX products in the Cisco SolutionsPlus Program complement and augment Cisco’s advanced technology products to create complete solutions.  Under the SolutionsPlus Program, Cisco now offers the following Octopus CX  messaging products as part of the greater Cisco Contact Center suite of products:

Contact Center Messaging: Contact Center Messaging for agents (voice & chat agent messaging plus IVR (call) Deflection)

Smart Notifications: Smart Notifications for automated messaging (Business system API, Acqueon LCM or any HTTP/HTTPS or SMPP interfaced system)

Jabber Messaging: Jabber Messaging for mobile knowledge workers (works with Cisco Jabber desktop and cellphone app)

“Octopus CX is honored to be selected by Cisco to deliver our feature rich messaging solutions to Cisco customers. SolutionsPlus creates a one-stop ordering experience for contact center customers, channel partners, and sales teams to obtain easy to deploy Octopus CX solutions that transform customer experience and allow organizations to reach customers in their preferred channel, using SMS, MMS, Facebook or Twitter messaging.”
AJ Cahill


SolutionsPlus messaging can be purchased direct from Cisco or channel using Cisco product codes and eliminates the need for a customer/channel to negotiate unique agreements with each Partner.


  • Octopus CX is the only Messaging provider with integrations into all Cisco CCTR products plus SMS, MMS, Facebook Messenger, etc. messaging channels.
  • Octopus CX services are unique and change the customer experience dramatically (e.g. allow callers on hold to deflect to SMS interaction instead of remaining on-hold).
  • Octopus CX services are all cloud based, require no additional software and work natively with Cisco.
  • Octopus CX is extremely innovative and constantly developing new integration and services (e.g. Facebook Messenger into Contact Centers).

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