Octopus Campaign manager

Powerful Campaign Management

A powerful advanced Campaign Manager for sending and receiving messages across an organization, allowing multiple campaigns to be created and run simultaneously from multiple databases or platforms.

Laptop with Octopus CX dashboard .
Laptop with Octopus CX dashboard .


This is a powerful advanced Campaign Manager for sending and receiving messages across an organization, allowing multiple campaigns to be created and run simultaneously from multiple databases or platforms. This module has advanced reply control for forwarding messages and replies to contact center agents, AI bots or databases. Automated voice callback requests are also possible when used in conjunction with the OctopusCX Contact Center Connect module.

  • High capacity, scaleable throughput

  • 2-way messaging

  • Drag and Drop Campaign builder

  • Multiple concurrent campaigns

  • Intelligent Campaign routing

  • Expressive Rule engine syntax

  • Replies can be forwarded to Contact Center Agents/AI/Databases

  • Message flow can be tailored to contact center capacity

  • Multiple source numbers supported

  • Escalation or forwarding based on multiple parameters

  • Dynamic Fields Control (Message personalization)

  • Contact Management

  • Opt-in/Opt-out list management

  • Full API Control

  • Real-time monitoring & reporting

  • Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)

Laptop with Octopus CX dashboard interface
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Use Cases

Medical Appointment reminders: sending appointment reminders using the OctopusCX Campaign Manager reduces no-shows and allows for confirmations or immediate rescheduling.

Order/Process status updates: Keep customers informed by SMS of order deliveries or the current/next step in the process and support calls to your contact center.

Account Management & Billing notifications: proactive & preventive account management by text message streamlines a business and reduces costs.

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Appointment Reminders

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2 factor authentication

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Employee notifications

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Emergency Notifications

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Account Management

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Billing Notifications

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Fraud prevention

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Order/Process status updates

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Technical support

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Customer Service

Advanced Campaign Management with Intelligent reply control

OctopusCX Campaign Manager is a 100% cloud-based SMS campaign manager with integrated SMS gateway that is second to none on the market. Designed for high volume automated SMS campaigns that can be sent from different databases of commercial applications with message formatting and delivery as directed. Our Intelligent reply control can forward messages and their replies based on criteria such as time/content, etc. to databases, live contact center agents or AI virtual agents. OctopusCX Campaign Manager has an advanced API feature set that is pre-deployed in the cloud and is ready for immediate use by Enterprise size customers without any license restrictions.

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Laptop with Octopus CX dashboard

What our customers say

Our clients love our great results, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery.

"AdvanTel has several Contact Center customers who often need multichannel technologies to work cohesively with their Avaya solutions. We turn to Octopus to deploy fully integrated SMS and text chat solutions. "

Loga Siva
Director, Sales /  MS Lync AdvanTel Networks

“Octopus is a trusted partner that understands the challenges and opportunities for messaging. They complement Swampfox’s Customer Experience-focused applications for Contact Center and IVR nicely…”

Bob Cooper
CEO / Swampfox Technologies

“Our customers demand Omnichannel solutions for their Cisco Contact Center Express contact centers. WEBTEXT provides exactly what AOS customers need - an out of the box messaging solution which revolutionizes customer experience.”

Jon Helmer
VP of Cisco Programs / Alexander Open Systems