Send and receive SMS text messages using one of our Messaging APIs.

This service allows any application to use either HTTPS or SMPP protocols, ideal for those programming and writing their own logic.

Messaging block graphic combing https, api and smpp
Messaging block graphic combing https, api and smpp


Use either our HTTPS or SMPP APIs to send and receive messages from your own program or application. Use our sample code generator to get going quickly, or assign your own parameter names. We have designed this product following years of experience addressing our customers' needs. 

  • High capacity, scaleable throughput

  • 2-way messaging

  • Send API - Dynamic API builder

  • Sample code generator

  • “Dip API” (aka Number scrub) - check if a number is a landline or cellphone

  • Reply routing control

  • Receipt destination point

  • Configurable parameter assignment

  • Also plugs straight into many Campaign Managers (e.g. Avaya, Acqueon, Adobe etc)

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Octopus CX runs a global network of SMSC ( Short Message Service Centers), the native messaging protocol used to connect to the SMSC is SMPP (Short Message Peer-to Peer). This protocol allows 2-way communications from 3rd party applications such as campaign managers ( e.g. AAEP, Acqueon LCM etc).


Leverage the power of messaging from within your own applications using our HTTPS API’s. All our HTTPS API’s are secure and available over TLS1.2. HTTPS is ideal for use in situations where your applications do not have access to an SMPP client.

Number Lookup & Scrubbing

Available via HTTPS (TLS 1.2) this facility allows you to check your contacts database to see if phone numbers are in fact mobile numbers or not. This can be used in parallel with our real-time sending APIs e.g. Call Deflection.

Develop or Plug In

The OctopusCX Messaging API exposes a robust API which can be leveraged by your development team to harness the complete power of SMS text messaging via the logic you have written within your own applications. Alternatively, you can leverage the Messaging API to text enable many of your existing vendor applications ( e.g. AAEP, Acqueon LCM, Adobe Campaign etc).

With access to the power of OctopusCX Messaging API, developers are able to construct custom interfaces and experiences as well as integrate with, and expand, the abilities of their own, existing, business systems.

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What our customers say

Our clients love our great results, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery.

"AdvanTel has several Contact Center customers who often need multichannel technologies to work cohesively with their Avaya solutions. We turn to Octopus to deploy fully integrated SMS and text chat solutions. "

Loga Siva
Director, Sales /  MS Lync AdvanTel Networks

“Octopus is a trusted partner that understands the challenges and opportunities for messaging. They complement Swampfox’s Customer Experience-focused applications for Contact Center and IVR nicely…”

Bob Cooper
CEO / Swampfox Technologies

“Our customers demand Omnichannel solutions for their Cisco Contact Center Express contact centers. WEBTEXT provides exactly what AOS customers need - an out of the box messaging solution which revolutionizes customer experience.”

Jon Helmer
VP of Cisco Programs / Alexander Open Systems